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Parinama Yoga & Wellbeing Festival is coming to ERBIL!

Parinama Yoga & Wellbeing Festival is coming to ERBIL!

Parinama is the first Yoga and Well-being platform in Kurdistan-Iraq. A platform that is designed to inspire, motivate and educate people on all aspects of yoga, health, wellbeing, spirituality and alternative medicine. Having a deeper look at the key elements that make us happy, healthy and successful – a combination of physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects for a personal approach. By bringing together information; sharing articles; organizing festivals, workshops and events, and by inviting best teachers and speakers from all over the world, we aim to provide our followers and everyone who is looking for self-development with the tools to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, that involves yoga practice, nutrition, alternative therapies, lifestyle changes or spiritual development.

Our coming event is the 1st Erbil International Yoga & Wellbeing Festival which will take place on the 18-19 of October at the Erbil Intentional Hotel (


Event Summary:

  • PARINAMA Festival explores the Yoga Philosophy. Physical Practice, breathing technics, Mediation technics and how to they apply it in your daily life.
  • The classes and workshops will include health, nutrition, self-care and stress management lectures
  • PARINAMA Festival will increase the individual and social awareness about physical and mental health, social, personal development fundamental to well-being in modern society.


Ticks and packages:

Early Bird

Till 25 September, 2019

Full 2 days Package ( Friday and Saturday )

$150 Per person

Full Price

From 26 September -15 October , 2019

Full 2 days Package ( Friday and Saturday )


Per person

Group Participation


Group participation

Early Bird

Full Price

Every group of 15 participants they get 20% discount




Every group of 10 they get 15% discount



Every group of 7 participations they get 10% discount



Special NGO group offer ( 10+ person )

One day access

$80 per person


Contact us on


Mobile: 07503523287/ 07700392211




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