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Tech Startups in Iraq to Watch

The Middle East tech scene is growing at a dizzying pace, and Iraq is one of the regions that is playing catch up. Considered a frontier market, meaning that it is finding its footing economic-

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Funding your startup

Financing your startup in Iraq

Thousands of people have seemingly great business ideas, but relatively few individuals are able to successfully bring their business ideas to fruition. There’s clearly a big difference between

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Middle East Tech Round-up

Middle East Tech News Round-up

With a number of rapidly developing markets and countries, the Middle East is a hot bed of technological advancement. With these developments happened as such a rapid pace it can be difficult to

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Technology in Iraq

Tech in Iraq

In the Fall of 2015, it was not the best time for businesses in Iraq. There were significant geopolitical pressures facing the Iraqi government, oil prices were in the mid $40’s (and

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Sexism in Video Games by Shko Shwan

Sexism in Video Games

Summer has just started and summer holidays just have begun. New video games are released. This is a marketing strategy aimed at teenagers because they

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Iraqi Tech Map

Iraq Tech Ecosystem Map 2017

Over the past 6 months, we at Bite.Tech have been mapping out the startup ecosystem in Iraq which consists of all the stakeholders who directly add value and and drive the startup ecosystem

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Online Streaming in Iraq

Back in the very early days of the Internet in Iraq (early 2000s), Iraqis did not have the patience to sit through a 15 minute YouTube video, so video streaming websites were never popular. Today

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The Book Cafe

The Book Café

The Book Café opened its doors in March of 2017. The Café carries novels written in English, Arabic, and Kurdish. It opens its doors everyday from 8 AM to 12 PM.

 “I plan for this café to

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Interner Censorship In Iraq by Bite.Tech

Internet Censorship In Iraq

It is not common knowledge to the outside world that Iraq has very little Internet censorship in comparison to its neighboring countries. The rise of smart phones in the market and the popularity

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BoozeRun logo

Business Review: BoozeRun

Iraq is witnessing a period of online marketing and technological innovation; those two factors have served as cue for the expansion of the Iraqi startup scene to the global startup market. We at

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Startup Ecosystem

What is a Tech Ecosystem?

A tech ecosystem is an interconnected, interdependent network of various actors that combine to create innovative products and services in tech. These actors primarily include tech startups; more

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Video Games Club From Iraq

The Video Games Club From Iraq

The Iraqi love for video games became evident when the first Atari became available in the country; all subsequent video consoles were affectionately called ‘Atari’ for years to come. People from

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Pokemon Go Iraq

Pokestops in Iraq

Most children around the world had endless dreams of meeting professor Oak to receive their first Pokémon, and continue their journey of becoming Pokémon trainers. Little did those children know

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