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Startup Weekend Najaf

Startup Weekend Najaf is a three days event that focuses on bringing developers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, or any other person who is interested in starting a business or a startup company.

They will all come together to share their ideas, team up and start a startup company.

The event aims to highlight entrepreneurship and its importance in creating real opportunities for young people to unleash their creativity and ideas. Entrepreneurship is the greatest hope and key factor that enables young people to actively participate in the construction of emerging projects that relieve them of the need for jobs and thus succeed in building their future.

Why are you doing this?

The event aims to spot the light on entrepreneurship and its importance for the Najaf youth to create their own opportunities, control their destiny in an uncertain future and unleash their creativity in the time their country needs it most. Most importantly entrepreneurship is the hope and key factor for the Najaf youth to contribute proactively and shape the future of their city and country.